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Circle 3 is delighted to provide a wide array of restoration services throughout “The Electric City” and surrounding areas. There are many different stains which call for restoration service involving unique cleaning techniques and cleaning agents for removal of grease, oil, red clay, efflorescence, oxidation, rust, battery acid, graffiti, gum and much more. We are able to completely restore the beauty and curb appeal to your home or business following damage caused by fire, vandalism, storms, and other catastrophic events. Our commitment to each and every customer is to provide pricing for these unique services upon request to be included on itemized, free estimates that we deliver for all commercial and residential projects.

Providing restoration service involves more than just pointing a hose at dirt and hoping it goes away. Many people who attempt to remove stains and restore surfaces themselves end up being frustrated because they spent time and money, yet were unsuccessful in removing the stain and restoring the surface. Sometimes these stains are in high, hard to reach places and involve work performed on a ladder. Circle 3 has extensive experience, professional-grade equipment and industry-standard safety equipment to ensure the job is completed safely, successfully and professionally. We are always thrilled to see the amazing results of our restoration services and encourage you to check out our amazing before and after photos.

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